And finally I bought the carputer

OK, so leave the news about the websites and start talking about real technology... I have a car with a double DIN slot (approx 18cm x 10cm) so I had the possibility to change the 8-years-old radio (compact cassette based) with a modern model. For a while I've been thinking a lot about building a Carputer by myself, using software and hints available from mp3car.com and motherboards with small form factors available from VIA or Intel.
But soon I realized that a model with all the characteristics I needed did not exist:
  • LCD touchscreen with 16:9 ratio and 7" wide;
  • ability to watch movies in DVD and DivX format and listen MP3 songs;
  • FM radio with RDS and TV tuner;
  • TomTom navigation software with maps of Europe on SD-Card.
Then I found the only model that supports it all: it is LF7100G from Linellae and if you want an idea of the price you can look at the CarDvdKit online shop. I've been following eBay auctions for a while and finally I won one for exactly 100 Euros less than the price you find on the online shop: the product will arrive in a few days and I hope that it is worth the 370 Euros I spent... I'll let you know!