...and yet another very simple web site...

Yesterday I started this blog, and today to celebrate it I also renewed my personal web site at fazzino.it.
I removed a lot of old stuff that I do not want to share anymore (actually I did not remove the pages physically, but only the links, so you could still access them following Google's results).

I really wanted a very simple website, and to accomplish this task I created a site that now has only a single page with external links.

The new home page is very simple, and shows a white sheet on a black background. Since in the last days I've been studying a lot the blog software WordPress, I had access to several themes for it, and I found a very good "corner" in the Deziner Folio Theme 2.0 (it only has the bottom left corner, so I just had to rotate it several times with GIMP to obtain the 3 missing corners).

The center of the home page now shows a montage of the Gladiator promotional movie poster that my former colleagues at STMicroelectronics donated when I left the company on 2001-08-31. The face is mine, and they also substituted the writing "the Gladiator" with "il Verificatore" ("the Verifier" in Italian language). This happened because in ST I worked for some years in the field of Functional Verification. I still miss my colleagues.

Now that both the personal page and the web log are in place, in the next days I will be able to start writing about my interests: technology in general and especially processor architectures.