Architectures supported by Linux Kernel

Almost every processor architecture existing on Earth can support the Linux kernel, but only some of them are available directly inside the mainstream official sources as available from kernel.org.
If you download the latest tarball and you list the content of the "arch" subdirectory you'll find the following architecture names:
  • alpha
  • arm
  • avr32
  • blackfin
  • cris
  • frv
  • h8300
  • i386
  • ia64
  • m32r
  • m68k
  • m68knommu
  • mips
  • parisc
  • powerpc
  • ppc
  • s390
  • sh
  • sh64
  • sparc
  • sparc64
  • um
  • v850
  • x86_64
  • xtensa
They're even more than the ones supported by the GCC cross-compilers I was describing yesterday! It's simply because Julien does not package all the available ones but only the main ones.
The next step will be to calculate the intersection between the two lists, to see which are the preferred platforms to play with...