Credits for the images

Sorry, I forgot to mention the authors of the images shown on my new home page.

The montage should have been done by my former colleagues Giuseppe Reitano, Massimo Spata and Gabriele Forzano (I did never know who had the major part in the work, so I'll say the three names). I'm not paying any royalties to them since the montage was their gift to convince me to leave the company...

Yesterday I copypasted their original Gladiator/Verificator montage into a frame I have bought on iStockphoto: for about 10 Euros I bought 10 credits and spent 2 of them for this frame designed by Peter Nguyen. I just rotated it to be exactly vertical.

Finally, the current corner of the page was taken from the mentioned Deziner Folio theme for WordPress that should have been designed by Navdeep Raj. His work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 India License.

Thanks to everybody!