YAB - Yet Another Blog

Olé! Now I have a blog as well...
I was going to restyle my own site at fazzino.it and for a while I was thinking to install a blog software by myself, but for a series of reasons I had to change my mind.
After seeking for a while about freely available Blog Softwares, I chose WordPress, but then I realized that I did not have a working database server to access.
In fact:
  • Aruba.it, that hosts my website, offers MySQL databases for an additional fee, but I unsubscribed from this service when I renewed the hosting contract;
  • WordPress can be modified to run without MySQL dabases and using only a SQLite file, but the version of Apache installed on the hosts of Aruba.it only supports PHP4 without SQLite support;
  • I have access to other empty MySQL databases but they are hosted by GoDaddy and they can be accessed only from GoDaddy's network.
Then I tried some workarounds without success... and finally I decided to use an external blog, yet another free service available from the Big-G (I am already a full-time user of Gmail, Calendar, Analytics, iGoogle, Maps, Earth... and Android maybe next year).
I only have to say something about the URL of this blog... "simplyrisc" may refer to the company I work for, but it could also refer to the fact that the answer to many digital design problems is... simply RISC.
Keep in touch!