Common subset GCC/Linux

Now that I've printed the two different lists of the architectures supported by the GCC cross-compiler provided by SpeedBlue.org and the targets supported by the mainstream Linux kernel from Kernel.org, I'll try to write the subset of the architectures common to both the lists.

Starting from the GCC list (that is much shorter) and counterchecking on the Linux one, I see that I have to exclude just the HP-PA architecture for which Julien Lemoine does provide a precompiled Debian package but the kernel guys don't.

I will then group the remaining architectures, for which a Linux kernel can be built in minutes on a Debian/Ubuntu IA-32 machine, in 3 different lists.

Non-RISC Architectures:

  • Intel x86 a.k.a. IA-32 (from the i386)
  • Intel 64 a.k.a. AMD64 a.k.a. Intel EM64T
  • Intel/HP IA-64 (actually I like this VLIW/EPIC stuff)
  • IBM S/390 (from the old world of mainframes)
  • Motorola 68000 (the CISC that lost the war against x86)

RISC Architectures that I don't like:

  • Alpha (extinct)
  • ARM (I said in a previous post why I don't like it)

RISC Architectures that I strongly suggest to play with:

  • MIPS
  • POWER / PowerPC