Goodbye Jaguar!

No, I didn't sell my car... I've just updated the operating system on my old Apple iBook Firewire G3 466 MHz Special Edition Graphite from Jaguar (10.2) to Tiger (10.4); it is too ancient to support Leopard (10.5) so this will be its final Mac OS X update.

After the OS installation I've added the following programs that I would definitively recommend to every Mac user:

  • Apple X11 server (from the installation disc)
  • Emacs editor
  • AbiWord word processor
  • KeyNote presentation program I bought time ago
  • OpenOffice.org (X11 version)
  • Firefox browser
  • Cyberduck FTP client (nicest icon on the dock!)
  • Adium instant messenger (supports ICQ and MSN accounts like Pidgin on Linux)
  • GIMP graphics editor
  • VLC media player