The "full Internet" arriving on mobiles

One month ago Intel's "Director of ecosystems for ultra-mobility group" Pankaj Kedia said at the Intel Developer Forum that "If you want to run full internet, you're going to have to run an Intel-based architecture".

This is something stupid to hear for everybody who knows a little how things work. His position (that was later followed by Intel's apologies) was built around the idea that the Flash Player plugin was only available in binaries for the x86 platform.

What he said is silly because for years I used to watch Flash animations on my old iBook PowerPC G3 with Debian using the free Gnash plugin, but anyway...

The real news today is that obviously ARM and Adobe are going to announce the release of a Flash Player plugin for ARM platforms (such as the iPhone, Google Android and Windows Mobile devices presumably).

So in just one month Intel's director obtained the result that we'll be able to see Flash animations on our mobile phones and MIDs even with a RISC CPU... thanks Pankaj!!!


I love Ratan Tata!

Yesterday I've read an article about Ratan Tata, the chairman of the Tata Group that recently acquired Jaguar, Land Rover and the Rover brand from Ford.

If you carefully read this article on AutoWeek you will probably love this man as I do.
He's like some entrepreneurs of the past, like Henry Ford for instance.

And I just hope that they will really design a new E-type (referred to as XK-E in the article) for the XXI century (yes, it happens that I love sports cars, even the ones that I can't afford...).