Irish Id Card for St. Patrick's Day

I recently found a funny webapp on the Guinness website (yes, the ones of the black beer) that let me create a fake temporary Irish Identity Card to be used for Saint Patrick's Day (March 17).

Here is the result...


How to install latest Icarus Verilog

The latest stable version of Icarus Verilog (0.8.x) does not support the "generate" construct, while the development branch (0.9.x) does.

As a remainder, the quickest way to install it on Debian/Ubuntu is:

sudo su

apt-get purge verilog

apt-get install build-essential git-core autoconf gperf flex bison

git clone git://icarus.com/~steve-icarus/verilog

cd verilog

source autoconf.sh



make install

cd ..

rm -rf verilog


Dartboard unwrapping

In the process of becoming a perfect English gentleman and having to choose a sporting activity I decided to discard Badminton (the preferred sport of my former colleague Witek Konarski) and preferred Darts.

Yesterday I received a package of darts-related stuff ordered online from Darts Corner, and the following pictures show the unwrapping of the whole thing.

This will make happy some current colleagues who actually own some of the items in the box and want to see immediately how they look like.