Convert POI from Google Maps to TomTom Navigator using Ubuntu

This has been tested with a PC running Ubuntu 9.04 and TomTom Navigator 6 installed on a HP iPAQ PDA running Windows Mobile 6:
  • on your PC display your customized map on Google Maps
  • click "Link" and copy-paste the URL on the address bar
  • append "&output=kml" to the URL and press return
  • save the downloaded file as "MyMap.kml"
  • edit the resulting file to remove every HTML formatting tags (e.g. DIV)
  • connect your WinCE/WinMobile/PocketPC PDA/Smartphone through USB
  • sudo apt-get gpsbabel synce-multisync-plugin
  • gpsbabel -i kml -o tomtom -f MyMap.kml -F MyMap.ov2
  • synce-pcp MyMap.ov2
  • on the PDA run TomTom Navigator
  • tap "Preferences|PDI|Add category" -> "MyMap"
  • run "File Explorer" and go to the "My Documents" folder
  • locate the file "MyMap" (the .ov2 extension will be hidden)
  • cut that file and paste it into your TomTom's map directory
  • you should be prompted to overwrite the existing file
  • run TomTom Navigator and you should find the new POI category!


Building Google Gears on Linux

  • sudo apt-get install build-essential g++-4.2
  • svn checkout http://gears.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ gears-read-only
  • cd gears-read-only/gears/
  • Edit "tools/config.mk" to replace the 9 occurrences of "g++" with "g++-4.2"
  • chmod +x ../third_party/gecko_1.9/linux/gecko_sdk/bin/*
  • make
  • Done! The Firefox installer is in bin-dbg/installers/gears-linux-dbg-