New OpenSPARC-based Project

Some days ago I've published on the home page of Simply RISC an article written by Dmitry Rozhdestvenskiy in which he explained how he started from Simply RISC's S1 Core and then created a new OpenSPARC-based project able to run the Linux kernel 2.6.
The new project is hosted on OpenCores, but I'm receiving lots of email from people who had difficulties downloading it directly from this website.
If the "Download" link on OpenCores doesn't work, a single-line shell command will do all the work for you:
svn co http://opencores.org/ocsvn/sparc64soc/sparc64soc/trunk
Obviously in order to execute it you will need Subversion installed on your machine and an account created on OpenCores, since it will prompt for username and password.