Where is Springfield?

Having a 4-years-old daughter who is already a fan of the Simpsons (and especially of Maggie) I recently noticed that in The Movie they say that their hometown Springfield "borders Ohio, Nevada, Maine and Kentucky".
I am not American and so I do not have a clear idea about the geographical location of all the 50 States: should they have said Massachussets or Florida or California it was much easier also for me, but I had no idea about Ohio, Nevada, Maine and Kentucky.
So I had to check a map, and I realized that...

...there are no borders that join them! Only Ohio and Kentucky are neighbours, but Maine is at the top North-Eastern corner and Nevada is in the Far West...
So I also discovered that Simpsons' Springfield is a fictional city and that this name has been chosen because it is a very common place-name, especially in the United States: the full list is here... please note that in USA there are more than 30 cities with this name, and more than 10 are in the UK!

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Andry said...

Yeah that's so :) Springfield was designed by Matt Groening for its incredibly high presence in the countries of the USA... Just pick a state and you'll find there AT LEAST one city called Springfield :) When I went to NYC I looked at the NY map and discovered Springfield near Poughkeepsie.. I said to myself: GREAT I'm gonna go there and visit Simpsons' hometown... Fortunately I asked before going and they told me what you know now :).