Nuclear plants around Bristol

Some days ago my sister told me that I shouldn't be happy to have four nuclear plants in my area.

I have just checked, as usual on Wikipedia, and apparently this is exactly what this map says:

Then I followed the links to the four nuclear power stations and I found that:
  • Berkeley has been decommissioned between 1989 and 2001
  • Oldbury has one reactor that will be closed in June 2011 and another one in 2012
  • Hinkley Point A has been decommissioned in year 2000
  • Hinkley Point B should be closed in year 2016

So the only long-term harm could come from Hinkley Point B, if it will not be closed in 2016; or from a new "Hinkley Point C" if this will be actually built.

Anyway I have also checked the air distance between Hinkley Point and my current house and it's more than 30 miles, a distance which is usually be considered quite safe... especially in countries which do not experience strong Earthquakes.