Advice needed for the purchase of a thin client

In a month's time I will have an extra room added to my house, and I will gain my study-room back (I had a pretty large one whilst living in Italy, i.e. until 2010). As such, I will have enough space to accommodate again a desktop computer permanently standing on my desk (while for the last 5 years I've had to keep my laptop on my, err... lap).

Actually I do already have a pretty powerful nano-server I built myself with spare parts, but as it didn't have enough space for it I had to keep it beneath the telly and used that as a 1080p monitor when available (i.e. when nobody else in the house was watching TV!).

The plan now is to keep the server where it's been for the last few years (also because that way it can benefit of a wired Gigabit Ethernet connection) and buy a thin client to keep on my desk, which will then stay connected to the server through a VNC session (this apparently weird setting is what most people are used to do every day at work anyway).

I'm now undecided between these two machines:

  • HP Slate 21: A giant battery-less Android tablet. The 21" screen is HD and touch-screen. The processor inside that is an NVIDIA Tegra 4, so I could also have sentimental reasons to opt for this one.
  • LG Chromebase: The desktop version of a Google Chromebook. The 21.5" display is HD but not touch-screen. The processor is unfortunately an Intel Celeron but while this name doesn't make my heart beat faster I have to admit that any Intel processor of the last 10 years would be more than capable of keeping a VNC session alive.

The two devices sell for comparable prices, come with keyboard and mouse and in the colour I want (yes, as you guessed being white is a requirement). So the choice mostly goes down to Android vs. ChromeOS, which is a tough one as these days the two OSes can do mostly the same things.

Every suggestion will gladly be accepted.