Back to the Sixties

Nuntio Vobis Gaudium Magnum! For the first time in several (10? 12?) years, my weight expressed in Kilograms starts again with a 6, rather than 7 or 8, as I lost about 20 Kg during last year.

In fact, I was around 89 Kilograms this time last year, and the scale showed me 69.9 this morning (for those people - Britons I presume - not familiar with the International System, I went down approximately from 14 to 11 stones):

Interestingly, I lost most of the weight during the first 4 months, and then I struggled for 8 months to get past the "support" and be able to "see the six" like in the old days (I seem to remember that I was 68 Kg when I was in high school).

With Easter celebrations approaching, it's very likely that I'll be back in the seventies soon, but for me it's a great result nonetheless!